Why Advantage

Advantage hunting blinds are designed and field tested with a couple of simple principles in mind. First, that every blind we make will make you a more effective hunter. Second, that hunting more effectively does not mean you have to be less comfortable — in fact, the better you are protected from wind, rain, and sun, the more effective you can hunt in the long run.


So we build blinds that work in the real world. Advantage blinds give you the option of hunting from an elevated position, or from the ground. They mask movement and sound and make it more likely the game you hunt will never know you are there. 


We have two-man versions and four-man options, so you have the room you need to hunt the way you like to hunt. Our blinds are comfortable all season long, whether you are hunting with a bow, crossbow, muzzleloader or gun, so you can hunt longer and make more effective shots at the moment of truth. Our blinds are easy to get in and out of quickly and noiselessly. They offer great 360-degree views and have a system for securing open windows so that they are never in your way. 


Our blinds are tough and sturdy and virtually maintenance free, because we think you’d rather be hunting than fixing stuff that breaks.


Advantage blinds. Lasting value. Better hunting. 

Because serious hunters want every Advantage they can get.