4-Person Quadpod Kit

ITEM # 503265

Our Quadpod Kit, used with the Dual Threat, Advantage Hunting, and Whitetail blinds, was designed to give our customers an economical way to elevate the blind based on the height needed for different hunting situations. The Quadpod Kit is a welded steel frame that mounts to the bottom of any blind with through bolts, washers and nuts (included). Our Quadpod Kit is universal and can be used with an outside door entry or a trap-door entry. The steel leg inserts use  4x4 pressure-treated wood for the legs and 2x4 pressure-treated wood for the ladder and cross bracing (wood not included). We recommend 2x4 cross bracing on the 4x4 legs for stability with heights of six feet or more. Tie Down Kit included.