SCENTite Blinds is the leader in rigid, portable, lightweight, scent-proof blinds. Our blinds are so technologically advanced in function and design that you can enjoy hunting more successfully, more comfortably and with less maintenance.

SCENTite Deluxe Blinds are air-tight. Fresh air enters through intake ports located near the bottom of the blind, which then drafts your scent and vents it 30 feet above ground level. If you are a big game hunter, you know that the most important way to avoid detection by the game you pursue is to be aware of the wind direction and leave the least amount of human scent in your hunting area.

Scent may not be an issue in some hunting environments. That's why we also offer Whitetail and Hunter.

SCENTite blinds can be effectively used as a gun or bow blind, and can be used to hunt most types of North American big game. Whether it is deer in Georgia, bear in Saskatchewan, turkeys in Kansas, elk in Montana, wild boar in Louisiana, or antelope in New Mexico, a SCENTite blind can make your hunt more successful.

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The SCENTite Deluxe Blind is an air-tight blind that pulls fresh air in through intake ports located near the floor. The exhaust air is naturally drafted through a roof-
mounted vent pipe that extends 30 feet above the ground. It works just like a chimney, drafting your scent and assuring a successful hunt.
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