Rigid Hunting Blind Platforms

Steel Quadpod Platform

"10' Galvanized Steel Quadpod"

(2-person), P/N 503250

Our 10' Galvanized Steel Quadpod can be used with our Deluxe, Whitetail and Hunter blinds. The galvanized steel legs and braces are better than painted steel because they ensure you of many years of use without maintenance. The Quadpod only weighs about 150 pounds allowing two people to pick up the Quadpod with a blind attached and easily move the unit. The Quadpod with a blind gives a viewing height of 14 feet. Easily converts from the outside door entry to the trap-door-through-the-floor blind option. Includes hardware and ladder. Quadpod Tie Down Kit Included.

Steel Quadpod Platform

"Quadpod Kit"

(2-person), P/N 503260 , (4-person), P/N 503265
(Hunter Blind only), P/N 503270

Our Quadpod Kit was designed to give our customers an economical way to elevate the blind based on the height needed for different hunting situations. The Quadpod Kit is a welded steel frame that mounts to the bottom of any blind with through bolts, washers and nuts (included). Our Quadpod Kit is universal and can be used as an outside door entry or a trap-door-through-the-floor entry. The steel leg inserts use 4" x 4" pressure-treated wood for the legs and 2" x 4" pressure-treated wood for the ladder and cross bracing (wood not included). We recommend 2" x 4" cross bracing the 4" x 4" legs for stability with heights of six feet or more. Quadpod Tie Down Kit Included.

Steel Quadpod Platform

"6' Hunter Blind Trap Door Platform"

P/N 503272

The 6' trap door Hunter Blind platform gives the Hunter Blind buyer an economical, all inclusive kit to elevate their trap door Hunter Blind. Made from sturdy steel angle iron construction and painted for corrosion protection. The platform provides the hunter a 10' shooting height at an entry level price. Used with the trap door version of the Hunter Blind this platform provides a safe, sturdy and economical way to hunt in an elevated blind. Tie Down Kit Included.

Elevated blinds should be used with caution and common sense. Two-person Quadpods and Quadpod Kits are designed for a 500 pound maximum load; four-person Quadpod Kits are designed for a 1000 pound maximum load. Exceeding weight limits is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Always inspect and properly maintain all Quadpods and Quadpod Kits prior to use. Climbing up, down, or getting in or out of a blind is dangerous and must be done with caution. All elevated blinds with Quadpods must be adequately tied down for securing during high winds and overall stability. SCENTite's Tie Down Kit P/N 503275 is now included FREE with each Quadpod.
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